Sailforms for Androidâ„¢

Sailforms is a personal database for your Androidâ„¢ device. Sailforms lets you enter, save, sort and display your information.

Sailforms comes with prebuilt forms that are ready to use, and can be customized support your own information. You can also create you own custom forms from scratch.

Sailforms list display allows you to sort, subsort the entries from your forms. You can total and subtotal number columns.

Organize your different forms into groups and password protect individual groups.
Backup and restore your data to and from the internal SDCard on your Androidâ„¢ device.
Each form supports both portrait and landscape layouts, plus desktop shortcuts can be added to quickly open a form to add an entry.
SailformsPlus adds the ability to enter math equations on your numbers, dates and times. SailformsPlus also lets you graphically display your numeric data.

SailformsPro Relational Database lets you connect multiple forms together and embed Form Tables within a form.

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